Welcome to Dignitas, Nolan Peterson!

It is with great honor that we announce our friend and colleague, Nolan Peterson, as the newest ambassador of the Dignitas Ukraine foundation. Nolan’s deep commitment to justice perfectly aligns with the core values and mission of Dignitas Ukraine. We are all excited about the positive impact his involvement will make. Nolan holds the position […]

WOG partners with Dignitas and provides fuel for our volunteers

We are excited to announce the partnership with WOG company, as they pledge to provide 3,000 liters of gasoline per month to our volunteers, who deliver aid to the frontlines, as well as volunteers who travel around for drone trainings. Why is this a great news and extremely helpful – let’s look at the numbers: […]

Partnering with Protez Hub

The philosopher Helvetius said that the right way to judge a person’s character and mind is by their choice of books and friends. And we are proud of those who choose us as partners and become friends.⠀The best global experience in limb prosthetics, an educational platform, an extraordinary professional community – all of this is […]

Signed a Memorandum on Cooperation with the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs of Ukraine

We dedicated this week to another vital task. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Veteran Affairs, when our defenders liberate the country from the invading troops of the russian army, there will be about three million veterans in Ukraine. These people will need not only social support for successful reintegration into a peaceful life, but […]