About us

Our story

For many of us, the story of volunteering for Ukraine began back in 2013 with the Maidan’s Revolution of Dignity. We closely monitored this event and witnessed so many Ukrainians unite with the desire to develop Ukraine with democratic values to eventually integrate with Europe and not russia – it was a compelling and inspiring experience that we all wanted to be part of.

So many of us engaged early in fundraising, self-organization, and protests to support the people of Ukraine and raise awareness of the events of Maidan.

Our volunteers came from different walks of life and were involved with non-profit organizations. One of the Dignitas co-founders, Lyuba Shipovich, co-founded Razom for Ukraine back in 2014, which attracted many dedicated and inspired volunteers in the US and across the world. 

Since 2013, our volunteers have engaged in many initiatives to help Ukraine:

  • Assist Ukrainian IT startups pitch to US investors
  • Provide  children of fallen Ukrainian soldiers with birthday presents and educational supplies
  • Help Ukrainian veterans reintegrate into civil society through learning IT and cybersecurity
  • Provide tactical medical supplies like IFAKs, and tac med backpacks for medics
  • Provide cars for medical evacuations
  • Provide training and quadrocopters to save lives
In February of 2023, we incorporated “Dignitas Ukraine” to focus our efforts on helping Ukraine win the war as quickly as possible.

We have set the mission of Dignitas to support Ukrainian people in building a thriving society and contributing positively to the growth of the free and democratic world. We recognize Ukraine’s immense economic and human potential and seek to empower its people by providing essential humanitarian supplies, technology, training initiatives, and expert guidance. By doing so, we aim to help Ukrainians achieve their full potential and make a meaningful impact on the world.

We are incorporated in the state of New Jersey and are an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 charity organization under EIN: 92-3194330.


year of the beginning

bill 2828

signing the Ukraine Freedom Support Act

To Victory and beyond!

From February 2022, we were supporting the Ukrainian army within the Emergency Response project of the Razom for Ukraine organization. Since February 2023 we established a separate nonprofit organization Dignitas, which focuses entirely on providing support to the Ukrainian defenders for them do their job effectively – protect the freedom, sovereignty and values of Ukraine and its people. With the efforts of people from four countries: the USA, Ukraine, Canada and Poland, the team searched for, purchased, packed and delivered everything possible and everything much-needed  in tactical medicine.

We focused on the procurement and delivery of two types of goods — tactical medicine and communication devices. We bought drones, satellite phones, radio transmitters, tablets, repeaters, antennas, etc. 

countries united
in efforts
tons of aid

We ourselves delivered all the goods to military units along the entire front line. About 600 tons of communication devices and tactical medicine were provided to medics and soldiers on the front line.

We cooperated directly with General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

What we want

to give to Ukraine?

Our team

Lyuba Shipovich
The President of Dignitas
Dmytro Kavun
The cyber security specialist and leader of Dignitas logistics
Andriy Bouchuk
Marketing company owner and the leader of procurement department
Antonina Kumka
Math teacher had the leader of first aid and prosthetics parts supply to Ukraine

The main goals
of the fund

High-quality provision of the military through fundraising, procurement and delivery of all necessary goods

Military and civilian trainings

Professional education and rehabilitation of veterans

Establishing partners for efficient fundraising

Advocating for the interests of Ukraine