The philosopher Helvetius said that the right way to judge a person’s character and mind is by their choice of books and friends. And we are proud of those who choose us as partners and become friends.

The best global experience in limb prosthetics, an educational platform, an extraordinary professional community – all of this is Antonina Kumka and the Protez Hub: Prosthetics Support Project in Ukraine. Its goal is the development of the Ukrainian field of prosthetics and rehabilitation and a sufficient number of highly qualified Ukrainian specialists in the field.

Training and support of doctors in Ukraine, medical humanitarian headquarters, mobile clinics, trainings on pre-medical assistance – all thanks to them, the trusted doctors who value human dignity and create high-quality healthcare. The amazing team of Rudi Myhovych at the Christian Medical Association of Ukraine.

Thank you for all you do every day. For your trust, cooperation and support! Stay tuned, more updates on our cooperation coming soon.

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