We are excited to announce the partnership with WOG company, as they pledge to provide 3,000 liters of gasoline per month to our volunteers, who deliver aid to the frontlines, as well as volunteers who travel around for drone trainings. Why is this a great news and extremely helpful – let’s look at the numbers:

📍 Distance between Kyiv and recently liberated Bakhmut: over 720 km or 450+ miles;
📍 Every trip delivering important aid equals in double mileage -> over 1450km or 900 miles;
📍 Fuel consumption even in the most economical cargo vans starts from 13-15 liters per 100 km. So, it requires at least 200 liters of fuel for a round trip (and this is in ideal conditions, without additional mileages due to roads destroyed by shelling, forced detours of dangerous areas, etc.).
📍 Also, this helps the Victory Drones project, whose instructors travel a lot around Ukraine to cover the needs in quality training that saves lives: around 65 thousand km/month.
📍 Currently, the cost of fuel in Ukraine is $1.20 per liter!

To summarize, every drop of fuel is worth its weight in gold for us, because we would better spend the money you donate to purchase the much-needed equipment – drones, tablets, antennas – and provide technological training and other assistance to the Ukrainian first responders and defenders.

Honestly, it was a big daily problem. And it is such a relief for our volunteers to receive support from one of the most spread and well-known chains of gas stations in Ukraine – WOG Gas Station Network.

We are deeply grateful for the support of this Ukrainian business and its leader Andrei Pivovarsky, who constantly looks for various opportunities to support Ukrainian heroes. Thank you!⠀