We dedicated this week to another vital task.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Veteran Affairs, when our defenders liberate the country from the invading troops of the russian army, there will be about three million veterans in Ukraine. These people will need not only social support for successful reintegration into a peaceful life, but also a mechanism that will allow them to be competitive in the labor market and participate in the economic revival of the country.

On March 9, Dignitas charitable foundation and the Minister of Veterans’ Affairs of Ukraine signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field of veteran policy, in particular regarding the development of entrepreneurship among our defenders.

What are the results? Agreements were reached regarding the work on unification of various educational platforms, the search for appropriate conditions and the involvement of international partners for the development of veteran business, as well as the protection of the rights and interests of veteran entrepreneurs.

Our Veteranius project team already has extensive experience in providing education and employment for war veterans in the leading IT industry. We continue working and heading into the future with dignity!

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