Donations from Amazon Wishlist Delivered to Kyiv

All Amazon Wishlist donations, which we shipped just before Thanksgiving, have been successfully delivered to our Kyiv office. The packages included donated tablets, power banks, memory cards, batteries, and other much needed supplies. Read more about why certain items are on our Amazon Wishlist. Our team is currently entering the delivered aid into our proprietary […]

Donating to Ukraine: Why those products are Amazon wish important

In September 2023, we made major updates to our Amazon wishlist, aligning all products with our nonprofit mission: providing technology, teaching its use to protect Ukraine, and preserving dignity for those defending their country. In this post, we’ll explain each product category’s importance to Ukraine’s protectors. We’ve added affordable options starting at just $12 per […]

The Amazon Wishlist Dignitas Report for July – September 2023

We strive to publish these reports as promptly as possible. However, due to constraints in our human resources, we may not be able to do so as frequently as we would like. Nevertheless, our team member, Oleksiy Varfolomiyev, has prepared a live and detailed report that you can access at any time. This report provides […]

The Amazon Wishlist Dignitas Report for May and June 2023

The good news, as we promised in the last report, is that we have sent the first package with Amazon Wishlist in-kind donations to Ukraine. The package was sent to our Kyiv office, where our team will distribute and deliver the items to the first responders. Table with itemized data Here is the list of […]