In September 2023, we made major updates to our Amazon wishlist, aligning all products with our nonprofit mission: providing technology, teaching its use to protect Ukraine, and preserving dignity for those defending their country.

In this post, we’ll explain each product category’s importance to Ukraine’s protectors. We’ve added affordable options starting at just $12 per donation, which can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals in Ukraine.

The Shower Solution

Let’s start with “Dignity” first.

Just imagine not being able to take a shower for 2, 3, 4, or even 14 days!

How would you feel?

How much would your motivation decline?

We raise funds for mobile shower units, ensuring Ukrainian first responders and defenders can have a proper shower at least once every 7 days. However, we also aim to provide a more immediate solution. A mobile shower unit can cost $20k or more, and when access to one isn’t possible, we have “dry shower” wipes on our wishlist. These wipes contain water, allowing people to clean themselves and experience some semblance of a real shower.

Each pack can serve up to 50 uses.

Clean Water in Wartime

The second category of products focuses on ensuring the basic human need of having access to drinking water.

First responders and defenders often face limited water sources, making water filtering systems and tablets essential for survival and preventing dehydration or disease.

That’s why we offer individual water-filter straws, filtration systems for multiple people, and water tablets suitable for use by several individuals.

If you’re curious about the distinctions between water tablets and the straw filtration system, you can find more information here.

Power Banks

All electronic devices need power, and the closer you are to the frontlines, the scarcer access to it becomes. That’s why power banks have become a vital necessity for every individual in Ukraine. Whether it’s charging a phone, a drone, or a flashlight.

Discharged electronics are useless.

That’s why we currently have one type of power bank in our wishlist, with plans to expand our offerings in the future.

Rain Protection

While it may seem basic, in rainy weather with no shelter, a rain poncho becomes your best friend, keeping you dry and preserving your dignity.


We have two initiatives. “Victory Drones” teaches Ukrainian first responders and defenders to operate drones and use technology to save lives. “Flight to Recovery,” our other project, integrates veterans who have lost limbs, giving them purpose and a way to contribute to society. To support these projects, we continually raise funds for staff salaries and essential technology. Our wishlist includes:

  • Drone controllers
  • Batteries for drone controllers
  • Goggles
  • Chargers for goggles
  • Drones

Our mission is to educate and equip Ukrainian defenses with technology, particularly drones. If you have any questions about our Amazon wishlist or believe we’re missing something, please contact us and provide feedback. We welcome your input.