16th delivered and 17th in production

Back in November 2023, we started our new fundraising campaign for the next 10 mobile shower units. As we stated before, and it is a fact, hygiene on the front lines is a huge issue. Many Ukrainian defenders suffer from skin diseases due to the lack of access to water for showering. The campaign status […]

Milan Supports the “1,000 Drones for Ukraine” Initiative

During the 2nd anniversary of the war in Ukraine, Ukrainians and people who support Ukraine held a rally to express their solidarity. Before the event, we were contacted by Valeriya Kalchenko, Lesya Tsybak, and Kateryna Sadilova, who expressed their desire to fundraise for the “1,000 Drones for Ukraine” initiative. We created a page on our […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing Your Employer’s Benevity Matching Program

Are you looking to make a difference in the world while maximizing the impact of your charitable donations? Many employers offer matching programs through platforms like Benevity, which can significantly amplify the effect of your contributions. If you’re interested in participating but don’t know where to start, follow these general steps to navigate the process […]

How You can help Ukraine through Dignitas Ukraine 

There is a lot that YOU can do to support Ukraine today, besides donation. All it requires from you is time and motivation to help. We deeply appreciate all that you have already done and are looking forward to doing even more together. If you have any suggestions and ideas – reach out to us […]

Donating to Ukraine: Why those products are Amazon wish important

In September 2023, we made major updates to our Amazon wishlist, aligning all products with our nonprofit mission: providing technology, teaching its use to protect Ukraine, and preserving dignity for those defending their country. In this post, we’ll explain each product category’s importance to Ukraine’s protectors. We’ve added affordable options starting at just $12 per […]

Instead of 42, we got 50 drones for the same budget!

14.63% Increase in Cost Efficiency Achieved! Last week was a milestone for our team in Kyiv! We received 50 Magic 3 Pro drones, shipped all the way from New Jersey through our partner, Nova Poshta. This procurement was part of our 1000 Drones for Ukraine initiative. Here’s the deal: Market price? $2,100 each. The price […]

Ukraine Action Summit (Fall 2023)

Armed with passion and strong desire to see Ukraine win the war, Team Dignitas Ukraine has spent three days – October 22-24 – on the Hill at the Ukraine Action Summit. Together with other 500 attendees from 36 states, representing 97 partner organizations, we all felt united by a single purpose – to ensure that […]

Fetterman Backs Ukraine 100%! Ukraine Action Summit, Washington DC

At the Ukraine Action Summit in Washington DC, I spent two days with the Pennsylvania delegation visiting our two senators and most of our 17 lawmakers. We had several meetings legislators, more with staff members. We heard varying levels of support for Ukraine. No one was more supportive of Ukraine than Senator John Fetterman. We […]

The Amazon Wishlist Dignitas Report for July – September 2023

We strive to publish these reports as promptly as possible. However, due to constraints in our human resources, we may not be able to do so as frequently as we would like. Nevertheless, our team member, Oleksiy Varfolomiyev, has prepared a live and detailed report that you can access at any time. This report provides […]

DAF Direct

We have fantastic news to share with you all! Dignitas Ukraine is now officially registered on DAF Direct, opening up a cost-effective and impactful way for you to support our mission. 🙌 💡 What’s DAF Direct, you ask? It’s a platform that makes donating easier and more efficient for both donors and charities like us. […]