There is a lot that YOU can do to support Ukraine today, besides donation. All it requires from you is time and motivation to help.

  1. Spread awareness by following and sharing our social media pages – like and share our posts:
  2. Sign up for our Newsletter, stay up-to-date with what aid Ukraine needs the most, what is being achieved and how to help. Forward to your friends and people who are interested in supporting Ukraine.
  3. Create a fundraiser on Facebook to support Dignitas Ukraine. If you have questions of how to do it, please email us at
  4. Become a true advocate of Ukraine
    • Get to know who your representatives are. 
    • Periodically reach out to them and tell them to provide more funding for Ukraine, specifically the military support.
    • Participate in advocacy events and share articles about war in Ukraine on your social media profile.
  5. Distribute the following flyers at your local coffee shops, grocery stores, or small businesses.

We deeply appreciate all that you have already done and are looking forward to doing even more together. If you have any suggestions and ideas – reach out to us at