17th Mobile Shower-Laundry Unit is delivered to the frontline

We are delighted to announce that the seventeenth Mobile Shower has arrived to aid our defenders, assisting them in maintaining their physical and mental well-being. In the midst of the war-torn landscape of Ukraine, basic needs like cleanliness are often overlooked, yet they are crucial for maintaining morale and health on the front lines. Each […]

16th delivered and 17th in production

Back in November 2023, we started our new fundraising campaign for the next 10 mobile shower units. As we stated before, and it is a fact, hygiene on the front lines is a huge issue. Many Ukrainian defenders suffer from skin diseases due to the lack of access to water for showering. The campaign status […]

Deliver Dignity to Those Who Defend Freedom: Help Us Provide Mobile Shower Laundry Units

The ongoing war in Ukraine has taken a toll on the physical and psychological well-being of the Ukrainian defenders who have been fighting for their country’s freedom. Being away from loved ones and constantly under attack has resulted in skin diseases, low morale, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal feelings. As a caring community, it’s our […]