Фонд Dignitas


Наш пріоритет – зберегти життя та здоров’я захисників, героїв, які стоять на варті України. Вони гідні найкращого забезпечення та ставлення, і ми робимо все що в наших силах задля цього.

Ми щиро дякуємо нашим Партнерам і Спонсорам за глибоке розуміння ситуації та підтримку ініціатив!
Наша співпраця суттєво наближає Перемогу України. 

The team continuously worked for the needs of the Maidan, and then for military needs in the East of Ukraine.

In 2015, our president Lyuba Shipovich quits her promising job in New York and returns to Ukraine at her own expense, where she begins to cooperate with the government, and state administrations, while continuing to work with a team on helping the military of the Motherland to fight against Russian aggression.

Until 2022, the team was also engaged in the support and adaptation of military personnel who returned to civilian life. In particular, implemented IT training for military personnel who wanted to change their profession.

From February 2022, we were supporting the Ukrainian army within the Emergency Response project of the Razom for Ukraine organization. Since February 2023 we established a separate nonprofit organization Dignitas, which focuses entirely on providing support to the Ukrainian defenders for them do their job effectively – protect the freedom, sovereignty and values of Ukraine and its people. With the efforts of people from four countries: the USA, Ukraine, Canada and Poland, the team searched for, purchased, packed and delivered everything possible and everything much-needed  in tactical medicine.

We focused on the procurement and delivery of two types of goods — tactical medicine and communication devices. We bought drones, satellite phones, radio transmitters, tablets, repeaters, antennas, etc. 

countries united
in efforts
tons of aid

We ourselves delivered all the goods to military units along the entire front line. About 600 tons of communication devices and tactical medicine were provided to medics and soldiers on the front line.

We cooperated directly with General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

What we want

to give to Ukraine?

Our team

Lyuba Shipovich
The President of Dignitas
Dmytro Kavun
The cyber security specialist and leader of Dignitas logistics
Andriy Bouchuk
Marketing company owner and the leader of procurement department
Antonina Kumka
Math teacher had the leader of first aid and prosthetics parts supply to Ukraine

The main goals
of the fund

High-quality provision of the military through fundraising, procurement and delivery of all necessary goods

Military and civilian trainings

Professional education and rehabilitation of veterans

Establishing partners for efficient fundraising

Advocating for the interests of Ukraine