These spring days, almost all of us experience a lack of vitamins in our diets, before nutritional healthy vegetables and fruits are harvested in summer. The situation is even more serious for our defenders, who defend the independence of our country under extreme conditions.

Of course, it is incredibly difficult for them, because even the most resilient organism cannot function in conditions of constant stress and risk.

Therefore, taking care of the health of our defenders today is one of the most urgent tasks for Dignitas. And this care, fortunately, is shared by our friends and partners. Today we would like to express our gratitude to the Canadian manufacturer of vitamins, the Webber company, which donated such multivitamin complexes that are needed right now.

Thanks to Webber, 200,000 packages of multivitamins (and each package is a monthly norm for a person) will go to the frontline to support the health of Ukrainian heroes.

We sincerely thank for the extensive support of Ukraine and are sure that thanks to Webber’s help, Ukraine’s defenders’ health will get stronger.

Support Ukraine. Donate today.