1,000 Drones For Ukraine

1000 Drones for Ukraine aims to build up the cooperation of all efforts to purchase and provide 1,000 drones to the defenders of Ukraine, who guard and protect its borders.
The delivery of reconnaissance devices is done as part of the humanitarian missions by the International Headquarters for Aid to Ukrainians to the front lines in Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya, and Kherson regions.

Why drones?

Ukrainian first responders and defenders use drones to quickly deploy essential supplies, medical equipment, emergency aid, food and water to hard-to-reach areas to save lives of soldiers and civilians.

They use drones with cameras to collect data during evacuation and to provide help to the people in gray war zones by delivering critical aid safely, quickly, and cost-effectively when road infrastructure is severely damaged or destroyed while  reducing the risk to aid workers by enabling safer delivery. 

TO save lives and BRING


Knowing the importance of drones in providing safety, we have set a high goal of procuring and delivering 1000 drones to Ukraine. 

1000 Drones for Ukraine was initiated by the International Headquarters for Aid to Ukrainians and Dignitas with the support of the Lviv and Donetsk military administrations. Currently the initiative is supported by 16 more partners. Among them are: 

What is our
special feature?

We are a team that over the course of a year has established all processes for operationally providing the military with everything necessary to speed up victory.