Dignitas Ukraine exists to support the people of Ukraine in building a thriving society in a free and democratic world. The russian war on Ukraine is a cruel attempt to crush that vision – we strive to help Ukraine to end the war as quickly as possible and eject the russian invaders.

On every possible occasion our volunteers, citizens of the United States, advocate for more support of Ukraine. 

During the recent trip to Washington D.C. more than 150 volunteers, advocates and representatives attended Ukrainian Days on the Hill event and met with a number of US government decision makers to advocate for Ukraine. The two main topics Dignitas volunteers advocated were: more weapons for Ukraine and Ukraine on an accelerated path to NATO.
We believe “all politics is local.” We encourage everyone to contact their representatives armed with talking points that are critical for Ukraine’s path to victory and the fight to defend the democratic values of this world:

  1. Ukraine’s path to NATO. There are two bills that I am asking you to co-sponsor and support: H. RES. 332 and S.RES. 172 “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives on Ukrainian victory.”
    1. On a geopolitical level, inviting Ukraine into NATO will signal to russia and China that the West comes through on its promises and Ukraine will eventually become part of the democratic club, not their dictatorship club.
    2. This does not automatically mean NATO needs to engage militarily. Article 5 is the last step of the process and there are years until then.  Invitation is a path in the right direction. 
    3. Ukraine has made huge leaps in developing towards effective democracy since the Maidan revolution in 2014. It is time to come through on the promises of the Bucharest memorandum of 2008 and invite Ukraine into NATO. 
    4. NATO will benefit from a strong Ukrainian army which has already proven very capable of fighting off russia and can protect NATO on the eastern flank. You want such an army as part of NATO’s army, and not outside of it. 
    5. From the economic perspective, there are many American investors eyeing rebuilding Ukraine as an emerging market with a high return on investment. Ukraine on the path to NATO will signal to investors that it is safe to invest after the war is over. 
    6. Ukraine on the path to NATO will solve the immigration problem: Ukrainians are much more likely to go back if their country has future security guarantees. Humanity does not need to stop at the NATO borders.
    7. Ukrainians have successfully adopted and are living the beloved American phrase “Live Free or Die”. I consider it a moral obligation for the US to support them during these trying times. 
    8. Please review the research on the “Reasons to invite Ukraine to NATO” that supports my points above http://neweurope.org.ua/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Memo_NATO.pdf and https://www.politico.eu/article/why-ukraine-should-get-an-invitation-to-nato/
  2. More weapons for Ukraine to end the war soon will reduce the need for more international funding for humanitarian missions, ecological disasters and war atrocities caused by russia.
    1. Please co-sponsor and support bill H.RES. 488 on providing Ukraine with ATACMS.
    2. Please oversee faster delivery of F-16 fighter jets and appropriate pilot training. There has been much talk but the process has been moving very slowly. F-16s are older generation fighter jets but they are well integrated with modern weapon systems, cheaper and there are over 4500 of them around the World – many countries are ready to upgrade to more current versions. The US needs to drive the handover of spare F-16s to Ukraine and lead the training of Ukrainian pilots as quickly as possible. 

You are welcome to modify these points as you see fit when contacting the decision makers. One of the most cost effective ways to do so would be through the email or the web-based form on their websites. 

If you are in the US, you can contact your representatives and senators, as well as the White House.

An easy way to do that is using the process below:
Go to https://democracy.io/#!/

Enter your address

Choose the representatives you would like to write to.

For contacting the White House use this link: