Yet, another highly efficient purchase and delivery. On December 1st, our dedicated team in Ukraine received a total of 82 Mavic 3 drones! Two of these were generously donated via our Amazon Wishlist, while the rest were purchased thanks to your generous donations.

This significant procurement is a part of our “1000 Drones for Ukraine” initiative, and we’re thrilled to share how efficiently your contributions have been utilized:

💰 Market price for each drone: $2,100

💵 The price we paid: $1,869 per drone

That’s some smart spending right there!

We’re making every dollar count, ensuring that our donors’ generosity goes the extra mile.

To put it in perspective, instead of 71 drones, we managed to acquire a remarkable 80 drones for the same budget!

Thank you for supporting our mission and helping us achieve greater impact.

Together, we’re making a difference! 🇺🇦