We are eager to present you with the Dignitas.Ukraine April 2023 Impact Report.

Within the month of April we fulfilled 94 orders for Ukrainian defenders. We delivered the following to the frontlines:
Drones – 110
Vitamins – 10,404
Mobile Shower Laundry Units – 2

Victory Drones, our initiative for training UAV operators, achieved the following results in April:

7,800 defenders registered for the program;
2,800 defenders graduated from the program;
3,572 defenders received on-field training.

Our network has grown to 33 partners who are committed to supporting Ukrainian first responders and defenders.

We are deeply grateful to the thousands of our generous donors who contributed $47,440 in April 2023. Your support is essential to saving lives and bringing the victory closer!

Learn more about our initiatives here.

And support Dignitas and Ukraine in its fight for freedom!